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  • Banking and financial assistance

  • Engineering and project development services

  • Insurance and Risk Management Program

  • Commercial and residential real estate services

  • Hotel and restaurant Management

  • Wealth Asset Management Services

TEDC was established for two main purposes:

  • To connect businesses and corporations with municipalities who are motivated to bring economic growth to their community while competitively addressing the unique challenges that accompany 
    each new opportunity;

  • To establish an elite group of networking, TEDC members who can share new opportunities by offering various skills and services beyond each member’s scope of products and services to their client base.

Many businesses needing various services seek professional advice and assistance by individual sectors. By coming to TEDC, multiple levels of professional skills are provided with high levels of integrity and reputation within the industry group.

TEDC Members meet quarterly, providing specialty and highly informative tours.

Often, guest speakers will share insights to new economic and political trends at our luncheon meetings.

Membership is by invitation and member’s sponsorship only. Interested?

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